Kayak Gemini

The Gemini is fast and fun to row as a couple, take day trips, dive, fish or just have fun with the family. The length necessary to transport two adults and a child in the central position, which we will use to row when we row alone. After a long day we will appreciate your wheel embedded in the keel to carry the kayak you drag to the car or garage.

Type of boat:
Total length: 378m.
Passengers: 2 persons

Standard equipment:
2 fanny pack seats. 2 Tambuchos with inner net, side handles, 2 covered blade holders, bilge stopper, transport wheel, elastic to stow cargo.

The pack includes: 2 Ola vests + 2 shovel day Tourer + Waterproof bag 30 liters.

Additional information: Dimensions: 378 x 83 cm Weight: 31 Kg. Capacity: up to 200 Kg.
Price: 837.01€
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