Raise the anchor, turn the key and enjoy the sea

We take care of everything else.


Find your ideal boat, whether it may be new or second-hand

Maybe you’re wondering: Will I know how to choose a boat that meets my expectations yet doesn’t give me a headache?

This is our mission. We are here to help you find the right boat for you and your family. Maybe it’s a rigid or semi-rigid boat, or maybe an inflatable boat? The important thing is that you are happy every time you go out.


New and second-hand trailers

If I don’t want to dock, can I take the boat to my garage or travel with it?

Yes of course. A trailer will give you even more freedom to take your boat out of the water and enjoy your boat wherever you go.


All the necessary spare parts

We want to have fun, but safety comes first. Will I have everything I need?

No more worries. Here you can find all the safety equipment, engine parts, ropes and fittings, and accessories for water sports you need and much more.


Your boat will need maintenance and repairs

What will I do then? I love the sea and sailing, but I’m no mechanics expert. Will this become a concern for me?

Not at all. We have been experts in marine engineering for more than 80 years. We make sure that your engine is always ready and handle any issues with paint and fibers, upholstery, cleaning ….



And when winter comes and I don’t want to sail anymore, what do I do with the boat?

You can leave it in our covered facilities. We can even put your boat in shrink film to completely protect it, so you’ll find it good as new in the spring.


Electrical system

What if I need more equipment after some time?

That’s not a problem. Your boat can evolve. We will take care of the changes. Install solar panels, wind turbines, heating …


Nautical electronics

I don’t want any problems that might affect our safety. How can I communicate with people on the ground when we go sailing?

We install VHF equipment, GPS, probes and autopilots on your boat. We are Merchant Navy certified installers.


We insure your boat

And insurance? Which one best meets my needs? What should I keep in mind so there are no regrets later?

We are an insurance agent. We will study your intended use of your boat, the boat characteristics, the places you want to go … and we will offer you the appropriate insurance.


And we customize it for you

I’m not going to settle for something standard, I want my boat to be made just for me, can it be done?

Of course. We can mount a bowsprit, maneuvering propellers and windlasses, modify handrails or install sun awnings, ladders and swim platforms.


We also repair your trailer

If there are unforeseen problems with my trailer, will I have to find a solution myself?

No worries. Our workshop is authorized to sell and repair any trailer part: lights, bearings, brakes, hitches and winches …

We finance your boat

How can I pay for the boat?

If you want to comfortably pay for the boat, we can offer you financing to acquire the boat of your dream

Do you think the time has come to enjoy the sea with your family just like you’ve always dreamed?