If you want an open boat with very modern lines and designer finishes yet at a reasonable price, try BMA.

The brand may be new, but the shipyard is not. The brand belongs to the same shipyard that produces the famous semi-rigid BWA. And they share the same manufacturing quality.

The habitability is surprising due to a very modern bow design with carefully-studied details, such as the large Bimini awning hidden in the stern and the large anchoring pit for easy assembly of a good windlass..

Everything about the X199 is a success: less than 6 meters, different deck configurations and a revolutionary design without being too extreme.

BMA X222
A modern, spacious, modular and efficient boat for which aesthetic research has put at the service of the comfort of life on board. To live your passion in a different way.

The BMA X277 is the first model in the range to offer a spacious cabin with four beds, thanks to its very wide beam in the center of the boat for much of its length. This cabin is very bright thanks to the double long portholes on each side of the hull and deck, as well as the upper portholes in the roof.

The heart of a great BMA project beats in the new X266. A concentrate of technology projected into the future. A hull with modern lines, efficient and safe, elegant and essential equipment, versions adaptable to all ways of experiencing the sea. X266, with its originality, represents progress and will be the dream and essence of sailing for years to come.