Are you looking for a semi-rigid boat to enjoy with your family and friends? If so, we recommend BWA

We are absolutely convinced of this because they have all the accessories you would want on board to enjoy a day at sea with your family: a fridge, a tanning area ...

But there’s another important reason we trust BWA: the floats are made of neoprene instead of PVC and that means they last three times longer without wearing out.

We like the stability and safety provided by BWA at high speed.

Our customers generally choose the Sport 22S model because it measures less than 7 meters and sails very well.

By the way, if you dive, know that BWA offers you a specific professional range.

We feel very comfortable working with this brand because, like us, it has the spirit of family tradition. It began operating in Italy in the late 1950s, under the direction of Walter Breventani. In the mid-1980s, William Breventani took over and founded the company currently known as BWA.