If you want to enjoy the sea in a cruiser or an open style boat, we recommend Crownline because the care they use to manufacture each boat guarantees a perfect finish.

They produce American fiber boats with inboard and outboard engines, designed to experience the sea with no limits.

In fact, they have a good range of cabin boats for sleeping on board during longer sea trips.

We trust Crownline because we know that their concern for quality starts with every boat mold.

They spare no efforts on the manufacturing quality and use wood to build the internal reinforcements, even though they are more expensive, because that’s how they make sure to accurately reproduce each design without fail.

Another point in their favor is that their boats combine wood and fiberglass. Thus, they take advantage of the benefits of each material: the strength and flexibility of the wood and the luster and durability of the fiber.

We know that the hull and deck are carefully inspected three times before approving any finish.

And they never play with the price. They do not offer us cheaper motorboats requiring extra equipment for real enjoyment. They come with very complete standard equipment.